Can You Bring Scissors On A Plane?

There are many restrictions on all airlines due to safety precautions. Therefore, people are always hesitant with specific items they might want to bring and whether they will be allowed.

Can You Bring Scissors On A Plane

Airlines are very cautious with certain items now and whether it will cause any other member of the public harm in any ways which is why there are regulations put in place to protect.  

One of these items might be a pair of scissors. Are they viewed as a dangerous item to have in your carry-on luggage because they could be used as a deadly weapon?

There is also the question of whether they would be allowed in the Hold/checked-baggage because that is safely tucked away in the airplanes storage. This article will be covering if you’re able to bring scissors on your flight and in what capacity. 

TSA Guidelines

The TSA guidelines make sure that all safety checks and regulations are put in place to make sure that no issues are found in this area. 

The TSA will look at what they are being used for and why they might be bringing them on the plane. For example, hair cutting scissors are usually ok if they are wrapped and put in your checked luggage which you are not able to access during the flight. 

Bringing Scissors On The Plane 

As mentioned above, you are allowed to bring any type of scissors with you, as long as they are placed in your checked luggage. It does not interfere with any of the safety precautions put in place by the TSA. 

Types Of Scissors Allowed

Here are a list of the different types of scissors that would be allowed on the flight: 

  • Hair cutting scissors – any haircutting scissors which has a blade that is less than 4 cm from the pivot is allowed, even in your carry-on luggage. 
  • Veterinary scissors – Yes, these types of scissors are allowed into your checked bags because they do not have to measure the blade or the quantity. 

Carry-on Luggage 

The carry-on luggage has slightly different rules because you are able to have access to them during the flight.

Therefore, the majority of airports put in regulations which include that you are only allowed to carry scissors which have a 3-4cm blade which is not as harmful. 

Longer scissors would only be allowed on for specific reasons which have gone through the airline’s safety regulations. There are other types of scissors which fall into this category here below: 

  • Thread cutting scissors – Yes, these are allowed on flights in your carry on luggage because they adhere to the regulations sizes. 
  • Multi-tool – The airlines do not allow any sort of multi-tools that have knives on them because this could become an issue for safety for other passengers. Items like pocket knives must be put in your hold luggage. 
  • Safety scissors – Yes, these fall under the same sizes because they are under the 4cm of place to the pivot. 
  • Medical scissors – yes these are also allowed in the carry on luggage. 

Best Place To Pack Them 

If you’re looking to take scissors on your travels, you need to make sure they are packed properly in your luggage so they don’t start sticking out and could either hurt yourself or others. 

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Most women tend to pack their scissors in a secure makeup bag where they will be packed away and out of touch from anyone.

However, if you’re taking several pairs of scissors, it is a better idea to put them in your hold bag where you won’t have to worry about them. The main thing is that they are wrapped up and put away safely. 

If they are posing any sort of threat to anyone or yourself, they will be confiscated from you in the airport. They take security very seriously and you don’t want to be wasting time over some scissors. 


Overall, if you’re looking to take scissors on your flight with you, you need to think about safety first. You need to make sure they are packed away properly and you have properly checked the regulations for them.

There are clear sizes you are able to take on the flight with you. If you try to take anything larger or something very sharp, you are more likely to get stopped and this could delay your flight if serious. 

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand what you can and cannot take on mighty flights including international ones.

Most people can get a little bit confused because there are so many rules which is why it is always important to check beforehand to prevent any checks on your bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kid Scissors Safe To Use At The Airport?

These scissors are far less harmful than any other types of scissors because they are made for children to use in arts and crafts. It can be difficult for airlines to say that some scissors are allowed and some aren’t which is why it becomes a problem for them. 

Most people tend to pack them away just to avoid any sort of issues that might arise if your child is playing with them on the plane or in the airport. Even though they are safety scissors they can still be viewed as harmful if not under a watchful eye. 

What Size Scissors Can You Bring On A Plane?

There are different rules for both the carry-on luggage and what can go in your hold luggage. This is because in your hold luggage, it is in the plane and you won’t have any access to it during the flight.

However, your carry-on luggage comes onto the plane with you.

Therefore, you can only take scissors with a 4cm or less blade from the pivot. In your hold luggage, there are no limits to what scissors you can bring or the quantity but it must not exceed the weight limit.

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