Does Alaska Airlines Have WiFi?

Flights to or from Alaska can take as short as 4-5 hours or even over 10 hours if you’re using a connecting flight or live further south.

You want a relaxing and enjoyable experience to help pass the time, as there’s only so much of the view you can get excited about.

Inflight entertainment and WiFi connectivity can be a means of escape for many people, so you might want to have a guarantee that it’s available for the flight you’re going on.

Does Alaska Airlines Have WiFi?

How good is the WiFi from Alaska airlines, and how much is it to gain access to it?

In this article, we look at the WiFi options you have and how much it costs throughout your flight so that you can be connected for as long as you’re flying.

Read on to find out how to make your flight much more bearable.

How Do I Access The WiFi?

With nearly 80% of their fleet being equipped with high-speed satellite WiFi, you have the chance to connect on both short and long-haul flights, and you can access the WiFi as soon as you get on the plane.

You can pay a flat fee of $8 for access during the whole flight, though some routes might differ in price, it remains somewhat competitive from what you can expect from other airlines.

You can do pretty much anything with this connection, from streaming your favorite shows to responding to email, and all you need to do is connect to the WiFi on your settings and follow through on your browser to set up your connection.

You will need to set up a gogo account where you can verify your device and select the type of plan you want, and from here, you can access your account by managing your information and the plans you have purchased.

If you are having problems logging in, you can contact a live agent who can walk you through the steps to fixing your problem and can be reached 24/7 if an issue suddenly arises.

How Do I Know If My Flight Has WiFi Or Not?

As good as this connectivity may seem, only 80% of their fleet has the capability, and the service isn’t available for flights going to Hawaii, Mexico, or Costa Rica, so you might be stuck for connection if you have your device on flight mode and you don’t have cellular connectivity.

To check if your flight has WiFi, you can check the details of your flight, or you can enter your flight details on, where you might be able to see a picture of your plane.

If there is a small white bump near the aircraft’s tail, your flight will offer satellite WiFi, and sometimes you may be notified of any disruptions to the signal before or during your flight.

Seeing how there isn’t a list that gives you all the pricing packages for a flight, and there are hour and monthly packages you can access if you’re a frequent flyer, you can contact the gogo customer care website that has a helpful FAQ section to solve specific issues.

What Does The In-Flight Entertainment System Look Like?

What Does The In-Flight Entertainment System Look Like?

Like most airlines, there is an in-flight entertainment system that doesn’t require a connection to access some of its content, but this may differ if you’re on a shorter flight, but in general, they offer a broad range of shows and movies that are updated every month.

Of course, Alaska Airlines has a basic connection at best, so it might take time after you’ve taken off for webpages, shows, or movies to load so that you can avoid any disappointment.

You should also be aware that E-readers and Kindles aren’t supported by the current WiFi that they offer, and this is similar to older versions of Android and 64-bit browsers.

Tips To Make Your Flight Go Smoothly

So you have an overview of the WiFi situation, and it may or may not be up to your standards, but as it is, it can still give you some value as long as you consider that it probably won’t be very good at loading in email attachments or websites that have a lot of assets on them.

If this is the case, you may want to wrap up any communications or work emails before you set off, in case you’re working towards a deadline, for example.

You can also take advantage of any mobile network provider plans, like some that T-Mobile offer, that you can use across multiple airlines, so it might be a good idea to see if your data plan qualifies for this service.

Before you even go to your flight, it may be a good idea to set up your WiFi plan before you get onto the plane so you can connect straight away and you don’t need to do anything else, and you won’t be stressed out if you run into any connectivity issues.

Another thing you could do is to turn off any VPNs you have set up on your device, as these can sometimes cause connectivity issues but are recommended for the type of non-encrypted communication channels.

One thing worth mentioning here is that you can only use your login credentials to use the WiFi with one device at a time, so you would have to log off your device if you were sharing this plan with another person so that some planning wouldn’t go amiss.


As much as some people may not approve of this type of WiFi, we can agree that at least you have something of worth that can get basic internet tasks done.

You can still have a flight that will be both entertaining and comfortable as long as you are realistic about your expectations regarding the WiFi.

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