About Us

Flying is often unnecessarily stressful - and most of the stress comes before take-off! Flight plans, seating charts, issues surrounding who can take which flight… It’s almost not worth the Airmiles! 

Hi, my name is Jodie Price and I have been a flight attendant for the past four years. Before that, I was a teacher at a local school. During my summer vacations from teaching, I loved to jet off on an exciting adventure whenever I could. 

But the flights stressed me and my friends out so much that we almost stopped vacationing altogether. Would another form of transportation be easier? 

While wondering what alternatives we had, I began researching flights and all aspects surrounding them. I especially wanted to learn information that would keep my journey as simple and as stress-free as possible. 

From that moment, I was the friend to travel with. I knew everything to keep my friends calm and collected, and vacations got much simpler after that. I didn’t want to limit my knowledge to just my friends, though, so I became a flight attendant.

And now I’m sharing that knowledge with you! Please enjoy my website, and I hope that it gears you up for a more prepared, safe flight. Happy flying!