Can You Bring A Vape On A Plane Under 21?

You or someone in your group might be going on a flight and are wondering whether you could bring your vape and ensure that you don’t need to purchase any related products at your destination, especially if a vape is a cigarette replacement.

You might find the destination you go to might not have any vaping-related products like liquids, which will be detrimental to your vacation and ruin your mood throughout the vacation.

Can You Bring A Vape On A Plane Under 21?

There are ways to bring your vape with you, but like many items you bring with you, these may be subject to the same checks a TSA officer might want to take a closer look at.

In this article, we’ll take a look at exactly what the rules surrounding vapes are and what you can do to avoid any accidents or issues.

Read on if you want to make your vacation much more convenient for you.

Bringing A Vape Onto A Plane

You can bring any pen or Juul vape onto your flight regardless of whether you’re under 21 or not, as these officers are more concerned with safety than an under 21-year-old possessing a nicotine product.

This is great news and allows you an easy checkpoint experience as long as you put it in a clear bag in your carry-on bags, and examples of these are purses or backpacks.

You want to make sure you place the vape inside the carry-on, as you could face fines or a telling off if you don’t store it in the right place, but you can take it out and put it in your pocket if the officers need to gate-check your bag.

You also need to be aware that the TSA gives specific guidance on batteries, as your device cannot exceed a watt-hour rating of 100Wh, so your vape that might run somewhere 50-75 will be fine for passing through the airline’s checkpoint.

So as you can see, this is a pretty straightforward system that will work fine with the vast majority of people, so next, we turn to the vape liquids.

What About Vape Liquids?

The TSA hasn’t placed any restrictions on these, so they fall under the same rules you would face with any liquids you have in any part of your luggage, as all liquids in your carry bag have to be less than 3.4 ounces.

Any pods or liquids you have will easily fall under this limit, and you can usually find them in 10, 30, and 60ml sizes, but the larger 120ml goes over the limit, so you might want to pack a few that are under this size rule.

To make them even safer, you should carry them in your sandwich or quart bag so they can be identified easier, and this bag can then be carefully placed inside your carry-on luggage.

If your vape uses the CBD liquids, your oil has to be 0.3 THC or less, otherwise, the TSA will consider it as an illegal cannabis product, which likely means they’ll confiscate it, and you might be searched even further.

Be sure to check the label with any of these liquids, as you don’t want to have any delays or cancellations that you could avoid.

How To Travel Better With A Vape?

With these rules in place, you might think it is plain sailing for the flight ahead to your destination, but there are a few things you want to consider that can keep you and other passengers safe.

This also includes any rules that you might face with either buying or selling vaping products in other countries.

Disconnect Your Battery If Possible

Disconnect Your Battery If Possible

Most removable vape batteries are made from lithium-ion, and if these are exposed to sudden changes in temperature or experience a significant amount of pressure, there is a chance that it can cause damage, and some have been known to explode during flights.

Put your battery in a separate case and make sure you charge it before you go to your flight, as you won’t be able to charge it while on the plane, so make these arrangements to avoid disappointment.

Vaping During The Flight Isn’t A Good Idea

Most people won’t need telling this, but even if you think you can sneak in a drag from your vape, the resulting smoke can set off the fire alarms and are closer together, considering the size of the passenger area.

This will cause the flight to make a detour or a landing, which could have you face fines of around $2,000- $4,000, depending on if you were warned or if a fire alarm or system has been tampered with.

If you don’t think you can make a whole flight without it, you can try regular or nicotine gum as a temporary replacement, as this is your only real option, but you could keep yourself busy to distract you during your flight.

Research Vaping Laws In The Country You’re Going To

Before you go jetting off anywhere with your vape, you should be aware that a few countries have either placed restrictions or complete bans on using any type of vape product in their country and extends to use in open public places.

Some of these countries include Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Iran, Japan, Mexico, and Turkey, to name a few, and the severity of punishment can differ between each one.

The Bottom Line

As long as you do some preliminary research into the place you’re visiting, you can have an easy flight, as the last thing you want is a canceled flight or a ban from the airline if you haven’t followed the regulations.

With this, you can have an easy transition from the checkpoint to your flight.

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