Can You Bring Deodorant On A Plane?

When you go through the processing sector in the airport, there are many restrictions on what you can and cannot take before you enter.

This is a very popular question that is asked because of the fact that most deodorants that people want to take on holiday are usually aerosol.

Can You Bring Deodorant On A Plane?

This guide will be going through whether or not you are able to take deodorant on a plane and if not what types are allowed and which ones aren’t. This is because there are several different types of deodorants to go through. 

In Your Carry-On Luggage

Your carry-on luggage is the bag or small case that you will be taking on the plane with you. This will go through customs and be checked for any liquids. 

All different types of deodorants are classed as liquids in the airport system when going through customs which means that there are restrictions on how much you are able to take the size of bottles you have with you. 

When you arrive at customs, there are now small, see-through bags which you are able to insert all of your liquids into before it goes through to be checked. 

If you have anything over 100ml, it will not be allowed into the carry on luggage at all. It is all about the size of the deodorant. If it was originally 200ml but you have used half, you still would not be able to take this with on. 

Stick Deodorant 

Due to the fact that the stick deodorant is a solid type, it is allowed in your carry on luggage because it is not classed as a liquid.

Therefore, this is one of the most ideal options for anyone flying because you do not have to worry about putting them in any bags or having them thrown away. 

If you have not seen these before, they are very similar to using a glue stick where the more you use, you push up the rest to continue using it. They take up far less room which is what makes them effective for flying.

Duty Free 

After airport security, you will move into the duty free section where there are shops and food places where you are able to wait for your flight.

When in these stores such as boots or superdrug, you are able to buy whatever types of liquids you want to take on the flight with you because they have been bought from a safe store. 

This option tends to be more expensive than just using a stick deodorant or a smaller sized bottle. 

Checked Baggage

Your checked baggage is what will be checked in first with your larger cases checked in at the desk and is weighed. You are unable to take any sized aerosol on your checked baggage but you are able to take any other types of deodorant. 

If you do want to take aerosol in your checked baggage, it cannot exceed the size of 70 fl. oz in total.

The reason why the restrictions are not the same for both the hold luggage and the carry on luggage is because you are unable to use the liquids during the flight if they are in the hold.

However, if they are in your carry-on luggage, you can use them at any time and it could be dangerous. 

What Other Liquids Are Not Allowed?

What Other Liquids Are Not Allowed?

There are other liquids which fall into the same category as aerosol deodorant such as. Hairspray, hair gel and mouse products. Even if the products are not sprayed, they will still be classed as liquids if they have the pump action.

It is all about what is inside of the product, not how it is dispensed. 

You need to be careful that you haven’t bought any expensive perfumes into your carry-on luggage that exceeds 100ml because they will be thrown away before you are able to board.

Most people tend to put the majority of liquids into their case so they do not have to worry about them. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can You Buy Travel Size Deodorant On Amazon?

Buying travel sized pots and bottles is a great idea for many people because it means that you do not have to spend your money in the duty free section buying more stuff to take on the plane.

It will also ensure that you do not have to worry about any of your liquids being thrown away. Most people tend to put a lot of their liquids in their hold luggage to avoid any of these issues of sizing. 

What Is The Maximum Amount Of Deodorant Allowed In A Bag?

You need to be adhering to the sizing restrictions when it comes to any type of aerosols in your carry on luggage. It needs to be in a 20X20 cm bottle and they need to be shown separately in bags. You are only allowed to have 100ml in each one. 


Overall, when it comes to getting to the airport security, you need to be prepared. You do not want to be wasting your time and money on products which might just be thrown away because you haven’t read the restrictions put in place. 

If the worst comes to the worst, there is always the duty free option which is slightly expensive, but is somewhere you can buy the extra liquids if needed to take on the plane. 

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand the different restrictions that airlines have put in place for security reasons about aerosols like deodorant.

Many people know about these restrictions if they are used to flying, but for the people who haven’t flown recently or ever, this might come as a bit of a shock to you.

Most people tend to put all of their electric and aerosols in the hold luggage to avoid separating their liquids.

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