Can You Take An Umbrella On A Plane? 

Most of us prefer to air on the side of caution when choosing which items we take on a plane with us.

There are some things which we know might prove to be problematic, so we leave them safely at home, but some items are far more ambiguous than others. 

Can You Take An Umbrella On A Plane 

One of the most frequently asked questions by passengers is whether or not they’re able to take an umbrella with them on the plane.

A highly practical and functional item that will surely come in handy when traveling to a wetter destination, an umbrella should be okay to travel with, shouldn’t it? 

To find out more about the regulations regarding umbrellas on planes, keep reading, as we take a look below. 

So Can I Take My Umbrella On The Plane? 

Let’s get straight into it and answer the question of whether or not you can take your umbrella on the plane with you. The simple answer is yes, you can take your umbrella on the plane with you most of the time. 

Depending on the size of the umbrella, if it’s smaller (we’re talking around under 20 inches long), then it’s safe to presume that you’ll be allowed through the gates with no problem whatsoever.

The reason why those which are of a smaller size are allowed is because they can conveniently fit into the overhead compartment without impeding any of the other passengers. 

Umbrellas are also normally viewed separately to your hand luggage, so you won’t be charged for bringing one along. This is great because it frees up some necessary space in your hand luggage for other items.

Bear in mind that this isn’t the case for all airlines, just most of them. 

What Kinds Of Umbrellas Are Allowed? 

You might be wondering specifically which types of umbrellas are allowed on the plane, because after all, they’re not all made the same.

To find out if your umbrella will be accepted by your airline, keep reading as we take a look below. 

Short Umbrellas

If your umbrella is incredibly short and foldable, fitting into the category that we mentioned above being under 20 inches, then they’re pretty much guaranteed to accept your umbrella. 

Make sure that it has no pointed ends and can easily fit into a smaller space like an overhead compartment. 

If you don’t have one of these umbrellas already, then we suggest that you invest in purchasing one for your next plane trip. There are lots of travel umbrellas out there that have been designed specifically for this purpose. 

Long Umbrellas

What if your umbrella doesn’t fit into the category above, and is much longer in length, will the airline accept this kind of umbrella? These might not be allowed on an airline, purely because they are so long.

You can check to see if your umbrella is too long, simply by measuring it with a tape. 

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If your umbrella measures over 24 inches then the chances are that it’s probably too long. Umbrellas which are over 24 inches in length probably won’t be able to fit neatly into the overhead compartment.

For this reason, you will probably be charged an additional fee because it will count as a portion of your hand luggage. 

If the umbrella is longer than 24 inches, then we recommend that you either leave it at home or purchase another one instead.

This is because many airlines have a policy that they can’t accept items which are over 32 inches in length, and you might have to have it confiscated at the airport. 

Pointed Umbrellas

Another type of common umbrella that many people are unsure whether they can take on a plane or not are those which are pointed.

Pointed umbrellas are typically longer in length, and have a ferrule at the end, which accounts for the pointed portion. 

These kinds of umbrellas are banned in certain airports, so you need to do your research. Some airlines which these kinds of umbrellas are not allowed on are Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and also Turkish Airlines.

If you’re taking a trip through either of these airports, ditch the pointed umbrella. 

Other than this, most people have said that they didn’t have problems getting their pointed umbrellas through security, but this is completely dependent on the individual guards that you meet.

If you want to avoid any hassle, go ahead and purchase a short, folding umbrella instead. 

Can You Put Umbrellas Into Checked Luggage? 

You can absolutely put your umbrella into checked luggage, there is no rule against doing this.

The only reason why your umbrella might be taken out and looked at in the airport is because they might want to inspect whether or not the ends are pointed. 

If they are pointed and are made out of a metal that could prove to be sharp, bear in mind that they could take it away from you. 

Like we mentioned above, the only other reason why your umbrella might be taken away from you is if it’s longer than 32 inches. This is because the checked bags themselves are not allowed to exceed 32 inches in length.

If it’s taken away from you, then you will have to use the postal services provided instead. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, umbrellas are allowed on a plane, but this depends on the type of umbrella that you’re inquiring about.

Pointed umbrellas are not allowed on all airlines, especially if they’re sharp and metal. Long umbrellas are sometimes not allowed either, if they exceed 32 inches long which is the longest length item allowed on a plane. 

We suggest that if you need to take an umbrella with you, that you choose a travel version that is small and foldable, with the ability to neatly fit into the overhead compartment. 

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