Can You Bring Glass On A Plane?

Can you bring glass on a plane? It’s a question that many people ask when they’re traveling internationally, and one that can have a big impact on their travel experience.

Here’s a look at the answers for different types of travel. 

Can You Bring Glass On A Plane

It can be super confusing what you can and cannot bring on airplanes now because of all of the changes to the airport security.

However, this article will be covering the different types of glass that you are able to bring with you and why there are specific restrictions on certain types of items. 

Are There Many Restrictions For Glass? 

Airport security is all about safety for the passengers and others around you. Therefore, if you are looking to bring glassware such as frames or vases with you, this would not cause any sort of threat to anyone on the flight. 

The only type of glass that you need to be wary of is your glass bottles in your hand luggage. When you’re going through customs, you are not allowed any liquids in your bottles and it cannot be bigger than 100ml worth of liquid.

You will also have a limit of 5L in your checked in baggage which will take quite a bit of the weight. 

It is very common for people wanting to take alcohol with them or taking it back with them. It is recommended for most to buy it at the duty free section because you do not have any restrictions there. 

Glass In Checked-Luggage

Yes, you are allowed to have glass in your checked-luggage as mentioned before. However, the only thing you need to be keeping an eye on is the weight. For most airlines, you get 20kg per check-in bag. 

Glass can be quite heavy – especially when filled with alcohol. Therefore, if you’re bringing it back, you need to make sure the added weight won’t tip it over the edge of the scale. 

The Best Ways To Protect Your Glassware

Here are a few really handy ideas to keep in mind if you’re thinking of taking any type of glass with you when traveling. 

  • If the bottles, vases or glasses have gaps in between them where air can get to, you should think about putting something in there to protect the sides and release some pressure. You can stuff anything like bubble wrap or material just to fill it. 
  • A great idea is to place the smaller types of glass items within something else for protection. You find that with small glasses, you are able to put them in your shoes which will protect them. 
  • You need to be surrounding your glass items with soft pieces of clothing and material as a pillow for it. This will prevent them smashing easily when being transported on the plane and through the check-in stages. 
  • You definitely do not want to be putting glass on glass in any circumstance. You want them to be all separate and protected individually. Glass will smash very easily if you put them next to each and they can chip and scratch easily too. 
  • If you are carrying quite fragile pieces in your hold luggage, you can also ask the airline if they have a fragile tag or tape you can use to show that your bag needs to be moved with care. This is also a good idea if they are expensive items as well for that extra little bit of protection. 
  • You also need to look at the type of suitcase you have. If it is easily damaged, you need to look at getting a newer one. You should look for the shelled cases which have a harder shell than others. 
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Glass And Air Pressure

Most people think that the air pressure when flying will cause the glass to smash or explode , but this isn’t the case.

The only way your glass would have been damaged is when transported because you haven’t wrapped them up well enough. They can be banged around a little bit when going through processing stages. 

You need to make sure that you have taken care of your glass because it is your responsibility to protect it in your case. If it is very expensive and you can avoid taking it, it might be the best option to avoid any sort of damage. 


Overall, when traveling, you need to make sure you have researched this properly if you’re looking to take something glass and important to you. The tips about how to protect your glass will be vital to you. 

The process of your luggage can be quite long and you need to make sure that all your glass is cushioned and protected because it is all up to you. Adding a fragile tag will definitely help you get that extra protection. 

Hopefully this guide has given you some extra information you might have needed before you fly about the glassware topic. It is not always obvious because rules are changing all of the time and it is best to always check first.

It is always important to be prepared before you get there to avoid any hold ups in your travel. Always remember the liquids regulations as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Bring Glassware On A Plane?

Yes, you are allowed to bring glassware onto the plane as long as it is in your carry-on luggage. This is mainly for people who are bringing glass presents home from holiday etc. 

Can You Take Glass Through Airport Security?

Yes, you are allowed to bring anything glass through but you just need to make sure that there is no liquid inside of the glass item first.

If you try to bring liquid through, they will either convisacate the item or the liquid will have to be poured away. 

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