How Many ml In A Water Bottle?

When it comes to flying, there are a ton of different things that you need to remember.

Not only do you need to think about choosing your destination, booking your flights, and packing your clothes, you also need to think about what you are packing in your hand luggage.

How Many ml In A Water Bottle

In particular, you need to think about the liquids that are in your hand luggage. 

Most people will want to travel with a drink. After all, flights are often long, and beverages on  flights tend to be expensive.

Everybody knows that there are restrictions on the amount of liquid that you can take in your hand luggage through airport security. This might have you wondering how many ml are in a water bottle. 

In this guide, we’ll be answering this question, and also taking a look at why there are restrictions on the amount of liquids that you can carry on a flight. So if you want to find out more, keep on reading!

How Many ml In A Standard Water Bottle?

Most people consider a standard water bottle to be any water bottle that measures between 16 and 24 ounces in size. So how many milliliters does it hold?

Well depending on the exact size of the bottle, a water bottle of this size might hold anywhere between 473 and 708 milliliters.

Generally, most water companies will make their standard size water bottles able to hold around 500 milliliters of water at once.

It is a good round number, and exactly half a liter, so it gives people a good idea of how much water they are drinking. 

Over the years, 500ml has almost become the standard water bottle size. So, if you pick up a bottle of water from the store that doesn’t look too large, there is a fair chance that it holds 500ml of water.

How Many ml In A Large Water Bottle?

So, “what about a large water bottle?” you ask? Well, generally speaking, a large water bottle is any water bottle that is larger than a standard water bottle.

So, we would consider any water bottle larger than 500ml to be large. 

Most of the time, water bottles come in a few standard sizes. Even if they are larger than 500ml. By this, we generally mean that you do not find water bottles in lots of different sizes.

Instead, water bottles that are larger than “standard” will typically be one of two sizes: 700 ml or 1 liter. 

Once you get past 1 liter water bottles, these water bottles generally go up to half liters, so 1.5 liter, 2 liters and so on. Most of the time, you will not get a water bottle larger than 2 liters except for water cooler jugs.

So, most large water bottles will measure anywhere between 700 and 2 liters in size.  

What Size Bottles Can You Take Through Airport Security?

Now that we have covered how many milliliters of water are in a water bottle, let’s talk about airport security. After all, that is probably why you are reading this guide. 

Anybody who has flown on a plane will know that there are a lot of limitations when it comes to bottles of liquid that you can take through airport security.

This alone is often the most tiresome part of traveling, especially if you are traveling solely with hand luggage that contains your toiletries. 

If you have flown recently, then you will be aware that the bottles that you can take through airport security are restricted to 100ml.

These containers must be contained in a clear, transparent and resealable bag for the airport security to check during the security checks.

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If you do not travel with your bottles in clear bags, you will be made to do so at the airport. 

When you compare 100ml to the standard water bottle size of 500ml, then you really realize just how small an amount of liquid you can take through security.

But is there any room for maneuver in this when it comes to water? Let’s find out.

What Amount Of Liquid Can You Take Through Airport Security?

Unfortunately, no, there isn’t any room for maneuver when it comes to the amount of liquid that you can take through airport security.

No matter whether it is water or shower gel, the maximum amount of liquid that you can take through airport security in a single bottle is 100ml.

You can have multiple bottles containing 100ml, but no single bottle can contain more than this. 

You can take empty bottles through airport security. Often when you get to the hand luggage checks, you will find many people pouring out the contents of drinks or water bottles.

This is common, and many people do so to avoid having to purchase a new bottle of water on the other side of security. You can take empty water bottles through airport security, and fill them up on the other side.

So why can’t you take more than 100ml of liquid through airport security? Let’s wrap this up by finding out. 

Why Can’t You Take Liquids Through Airport Security?

As is often the case with airport security, the rules surrounding liquids come back to terrorism. In August 2006, there was a terrorist attack planned to take place on a transatlantic flight that was foiled.

The terrorists involved in the attack had planned to detonate liquid explosives on board multiple flights. The plan was foiled by British police, and the liquids ban came into place across the globe. 

Since the liquid ban came into place, travelers have only been allowed to take bottles containing no more than 100ml through airport security.

However, bottles containing frozen liquid are allowed by some flight companies, and empty bottles are allowed by most.

Once you pass through airport security, you will be able to purchase drinks to take with you on the flight. 


Typically, a standard water bottle will contain around 500ml of water. However, you can get some water bottles that are larger than this. 

Despite this, the only bottles containing liquid that you will be able to take through airport security are bottles containing less than 100ml. 

Thank you for reading!

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