Can You Bring A Water Bottle On A Plane?

A water bottle is a necessity on a plane, but if you’re flying with your favorite bottle, you may have to opt for a new one. Here’s what you need to know. 

There are many different restrictions put on safety when it comes to what liquids you are able to bring onto the plane with you. This also includes bringing your own, personal water bottle, but what are the actual rules?

Can You Bring A Water Bottle On A Plane

Find out everything you need to know about water bottle restrictions here. 

Airport Security 

You are allowed bottles and water bottles on the plane but you are not allowed to bring water bottles that are filled through security.

You will have to ditch all of the liquid before customs because they would be unable to determine what all of the liquid was if everyone could bring opened bottles through. 

If you are taking your own personal water bottle, you will have to pour the water out and you will be able to take it through customs. You can then fill it back up when you move past customs and into the waiting lounges.

There are also shops you can also get drinks from when you go past customs. 

Liquid Regulations 

People can get really stressed with the amounts of liquids they are able to bring in their carry-on luggage. You want to be prepared when you get to customs because you do not want anything thrown away.

However, if you take items in your carry-on that are consumable they are under the restricted value. 

You will not be able to take any opened water bottles with liquid in through customs but you can take your bottle to full up again before you board the plane if you do not wish to buy a new one. 

Types Of Bottles 

As we know, there are many different types of materials that can be used to create water bottles, but which ones are allowed aboard?

Here are a few examples here: 

  • Glass bottles – Yes, they are definitely allowed on the plane but you will not be able to bring water through customs with you; it needs to be empty. 
  • Flasks – all types of flasks will be allowed on the plane but empty through customs. 
  • Steel bottle – steel material bottles are allowed on the plane and in your carry-on. 

Different Sizes Allowed

Water bottles are different to other types of liquids such as, perfumes and cologne. You do not have any size restrictions on your bottles and if your bottle fits well into your carry-on luggage, you are allowed to bring it. 

There is also the issue of bringing water on the plane with you for your baby’s feed.

This is a necessity and airlines allow you to take enough water on the plane for the feed. It is better to notify someone about the milk and water liquid you have so you do not have to put them into separate bags at customs. 

What Is The Reason For The Regulations?

The security system scrutinizes liquids that are benign brought onto the plane because it can be filled with harmful chemicals.

It would be difficult to check every single water bottle to see what is in them. Therefore, you must fill your water bottles when you get into the lounge area past security. 

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Empty Bottles 

Yes! You are allowed to bring any empty water bottles of any size onto the plane with you. You don’t need to worry about anything when it comes to taking empty bottles because security is more interested in the liquids. 

What About Your Fish? 

This might sound a little peculiar but you are allowed to bring your fish on board a plane with you. As long as the fish have enough water and it is sealed properly it is 100% ok!

This is not very common but people do need to know just in case they are thinking of taking their fish with them. 


Overall, when taking certain items through security, you need to be prepared and careful with your liquids. The only thing they are really concentrating on are what ;liquids are benign brought through.

You need to make sure you know the 100ml limit for other liquids in sealable bags and also that you cannot take water through. 

There are several different places in the lounges where you will be able to fill your water bottles up but just make sure your bottles aren’t filled beforehand.

There is also the option of just buying your water bottles once you have passed through security and you hit some of the shops they have available by the lounges.

There always tends to be quite well known shops such as superdrug or WHSmith to get some small snacks and treats from too. 

Hopefully this guide has given you all the information you need concerning whether you can bring water bottles on the plane and also what the expectations are for the liquid rules.

When it comes to babies, just make sure you inform someone about the liquids you have on them if you do not want them separate or in bags. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Bring Canned Drinks On A Plane?

Yes you are allowed. The change in pressure will also not affect the can and there will be no exploding when up in the air. They still need to be packed well with protection surrounding them.

They will also be fine in your suitcase as well. 

Can You Bring A Metal Water Bottle On A Plane?

All different types of materials are allowed onto the plane as long as they are empty going through the airport security sections.

You are not allowed to bring opened waters through customs as it could potentially be harmful chemicals. 

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