What Is The Cheapest Flight Class? [A Guide]

What is the cheapest flight class? That’s the question you’ve probably asked yourself many times before.

What Is The Cheapest Flight Class? [A Guide]

It’s not a very difficult question to answer, but you have to look at the price of the flight class, the location the flight is going to, and the time the flight is going to take.

This guide will be covering how different airlines describe the cheapest flight class and how this has changed over the years for different airlines. 

As we all know, for shorter flights, there doesn’t tend to be as many different classes to even pick from.

However, for longer flights where you are going to want to sleep, there are more expensive options by class and the less expensive options too! 

What Are The Different Cabins?

For most of the airlines you will be familiar with, there are four different classes you can choose from. These conclude, economy, premium economy, business, and first class.

They all differ in prices and increase going up to first class which is the most expensive. 

The different prices exist because of what you receive in terms of luxury or just minimal service.

If you are looking for a really cheap flight and you aren’t bothered about any extras, just saving money, you are much more likely to go for the economy ticket.

However, people who can afford the more expensive flights are more likely to fly either business or first class for extra comfort and it won’t break the bank.

It was in the 150s when Delta airlines first started to experiment with different cabins and prices.

Airplanes had become much more established by this point that they were able to divide different sections of the plane into prices of service. 

What Does Each Class Have?  

There are several things you should expect when traveling in different classes which are very similar for all airlines now. 


This is the cheapest option of the bunch which is for people who aren’t worried as much about their comfort just about having a cheaper flight.

Many package holidays offer a cheap flight with their accommodation which will most likely be emonomy. 

It is the standard class which has more seats fitted into the room which have smaller seats and less room to yourself.

There are rows of seats and you also have far less leg room as well so they are able to safely fit more seats in. the more seats there are allows the tickets to be so cheap. 

You also need to look at the duration of your flight in economy because if you’re flying a short distance, you will not need any extras.

However, if you are flying in economy for a long distance, most airlines have introduced beverages and snacks during the flight and some entertainment systems. 

Nowadays, different airlines introduce their own class system where they can choose how they would like to divide their aircraft.

Some are in the same section but some people might get extras because they have paid more. However, there are some low cost carriers such as Allegiant Air which only offers a coach class. 

Premium Economy 

Premium economy is not used by every airline but was introduced first by Virgin Atlantic as an in the middle class.

This was first introduced in 1992 and now many other airlines -especially across America have picked it up.

They charge extra for a more comfy experience than economy but not quite as luxurious as business class or first class. 

The seats are larger and you will have more leg room available to you.

However, on some of the longer flights, premium economies are not actually separated from the rest of the economy but just have added extras with their tickets.

Premium economy seats have a limited number of seats and are located in the front of the aircraft. These seats have limited legroom and are often in the exit rows.

What Is The Cheapest Flight Class? [A Guide]

Business Class 

Business class has become one of the most popular classifications where some airlines have replaced first class seating with this.

It is a touch of class and luxury to be in business class where you can relax in comfort and also have many extras including lovely meals and a bar you can go to on some aircrafts. 

On some longer journeys, you will find that some airlines actually have seats that unfold into flat beds in business class as well.

You could have everything you could want in this class and a lot of thought has been put into building this class. 

First Class 

First class is the most expensive class you can be in because you will have absolutely everything possible.

You will even have your own privacy with a door to close on some airlines. The seats are large and unfold into a bed and also include massage features to help you fully relax. 

Therefore, both economy and premium economy are the two cheapest flights you will be able to find and get really good discounts on.

This is because you do not receive many benefits or extras on this flight, you are just paying for your seat and journey. 

For most people on a short flight this is absolutely fine because you have saved yourself a lot of money. However, for those longer flights the economy can be a bit uncomfortable.


Overall, if you’re looking for the cheapest type of class to fly in you will definitely be looking at economy.

However, there are definitely ways to get different classes cheaper by using different types of points and air miles you can put towards it. 

You do not have to just fly economy now because premium economy on flights like Virgin Atlantic will be a better experience and don’t tend to be too much more expensive. 

Hopefully this guide will help you find the best flights for when traveling and make sure you look at all of the different deals that are available online and whether you can get some cheaper options for higher classes.

Different locations can also be cheaper in a higher class. Therefore you need to check where you’re going and how different the prices are. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is The Cheapest Way To Fly Business Class?

Most people do not pay much attention to the sales and discounts that are constantly flying around because they do not think they can afford to fly in business class.

However, you are also able to use airline points to help towards having a more comfortable experience when flying.

There is the airline points programme where you are able to collect these points! 

What Are The Different Types Of Airline Fare Classes?

For most airlines there are four different types of classes which include: First class, business class, premium economy and economy.

If you are looking for the cheapest tickets you will be googling the last two flight classes because they can offer you really cheap deals on your holidays but you might have to put up with less room and being a little bit cramped. 

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