Can You Bring Cologne On A Plane?

In this day and age, airport security has become very strict on what you can and cannot bring onto the plane with you. There are also tight restrictions concerning how much you are allowed to bring, the size of the bottles and how they need to be shown.

Can You bring Cologne On A Plane?

This article will be covering everything you need to know about how much cologne you’re allowed to bring onto the plane, whether that be in your carry-on luggage or in the checked baggage.

This can also differ depending on where you are in the world too. 

Is Cologne Allowed? 

Yes, you will be able to bring cologne with you on your holiday because you are not expected to have to buy all new smellies just for a holiday.

However, there are restrictions put in place to make sure people have the correct amounts depending on where they are storing the cologne. 

You always need to make sure you are checking what your airline regulations are also stating because there is a possibility that some may differ internationally. 

The Official Rules 

When looking at the TSA official regulations, they do give clear statements on where you should dbe storing your liquids, the amounts and how you should dstore them too. Therefore, they expect you to know this when arriving at the airport. 

For carry-on bags, you are expected to be carrying cologne at a maximum size of 100ml per bottle and they will have to be put into small bags before going through security.

However, there aren’t usually any type of restrictions on how much you are able to carry in your checked-in bags generally. However, make sure you double check with your airline to make sure this doesn’t differ for a specific airline. 

Carry-On Bag

It is much easier for most people to take cologne in their carry-on luggage because it is easier to access if you need to spray some on your travels.

However, you must follow the rules about different amounts of cologne for different luggage. You are only allowed to take 100ml in your carry-on luggage and you will have to put them into small plastic bags in airport security. 

This is because they need to determine that it is actually cologne in the bottle and not other liquid that you will have access to.

You also do not want your cologne leaking in your carry-on which is why it is recommended to have an atomizer. 

Buying Cologne In Duty-Free 

Once you have passed through all of the airport security stages, you will finally make it to the duty-free section of the airport.

This is where you will see lots of well known brands and stores where you are able to buy products like cologne before you fly. Many people tend to buy gifts on the way back or items they need and have forgotten. 

There aren’t any rules when you reach this point about how much you are able to take on the flight because it has been bought from a trusted store in the airport. 


Your checked bags are the ones which go through the weighing stage at the beginning and are sent off before airport security. In these bags, you do not have a limit on the cologne you can take with you.

However, you also need to think about how you can avoid any unwanted spillages in your case. 

It has been recommended by airlines that you should not take anything more than 500ml of cologne.

Moreover, if you want to avoid these spillages of larger bottles which are made from glass, it is recommended that you put them in separate sealable bags to protect your clothing and other electricals inside of the case. 

If you own quite an expensive cologne that you want to make sure is protected during transit, it is a good idea to wrap them up in bubble wrap like you would with anything fragile.

This will prevent any damage happening to your cologne as your bag will be tossed around a bit during transport. 

Cologne Shapes 

As we all know, colognes come in different shapes and sizes and some are far better for traveling than others.

You should try and take the shaped bottles which are easier to slot in places and you can also buy travel size colognes to save the hassle. 

There is also the option of having solid colognes which are wax based, not liquid. This makes it far easier when going through customs because it does not need to be checked like liquid. It is also easier to store and apply if needed. 


Overall, if you’re new to flying or haven’t flown in a while and are a little rusty on the regulations, here is everything you need to know about taking cologne on a plane with you.

Whether you take it in your carry-on or in your checked baggage, you need to make sure it is safe and secure to avoid any spillages. 

You might also take up the option of travel size bottles to make sure you won’t have to throw anything away if the size is too big.

There is also the option of buying cologne from duty-free which can be a little bit expensive for some brands that are on display but there can be some good deals that you can take advantage of while you’re browsing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cologne Flammable In Checked Luggage?

Yes! Cologne is very flammable which is why you are allowed to take larger bottles in your checked luggage in comparison to your carry-on luggage.

You are allowed to handle your carry on luggage which means that more liquid would be flammable on the flight. However, if it is packed away safely in the hold, it is less likely to be a hazard.

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