Which Airline Is The Safest? [Advice For Nervous Flyers]

Traveling the globe is a wonderful experience but if you are a nervous flyer it can be quite the opposite. However, there are ways to visit great destinations even if flying makes you anxious. 

So if you want to travel you will want to know which airline is the safest. We offer advice for nervous flyers about the best airlines to choose. 

Which Airline Is The Safest [Advice For Nervous Flyers]

Jet Blue

Jet Blue does a great job of keeping you so entertained and comfortable that you won’t have time to be stressed about flying. 

With 36 channels of live streaming channels, not only will you not miss your favorite TV show, but the time will go so quickly that you will be at your destination before you realize it. 

The airline also provides complimentary snacks and hot and cold beverages. For those who would like a glass of wine to calm their nerves, alcoholic beverages are available to purchase. 

Free Wi-Fi gives you plenty to do for distractions and Jet Blue is ranked as one of the safest airlines to fly with, giving you added peace of mind. 

Alaska Airlines

There are no shortages of destinations with Alaska Airlines, so don’t let your anxiety about flying stop you traveling. The airline has a host of benefits to distract you on your flight. 

There’s a power outlet with your seat, so you can charge a tablet or laptop and watch movies for the duration of your trip. And with on board Wi-Fi there’s no excuse not to watch the latest blockbuster. 

You will get complimentary snacks to accompany your movie too. Alaska Airlines is classed as one of the safest airlines, so you can sit back and relax. 

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic goes out of their way to make nervous passengers more relaxed on their flights. They offer inclusive meals as well as free Wi-Fi, so you can browse the web to keep your mind occupied as you munch on complimentary snacks. 

This airline is renowned for their up-to-date in-flight entertainment, so you will not be lacking in something to do. 

You will also be given a complimentary amenity kit as you board. Depending on which class you are flying in this will include a bamboo toothbrush with toothpaste, eye mask, earplugs, face cream, lip balm and hand cream. 

Hawaiian Airlines

So many people want to go to Hawaii, and it is definitely a destination that should be on everyone’s wishlist. But that long flight can put people off, especially those who are nervous about flying. 

Luckily Hawaiian Airlines is highly rated for its customer service, so you can expect a great flying experience. They provide in-flight entertainment, and you can purchase alcoholic beverages and snacks. 

This airline has a great safety track record, so you should feel relaxed and comfortable on their flights. 


Emirates excel in their efforts to make flying a pleasant experience for all their passengers. Even down to offering companion fares for those nervous flyers who want to take a friend along for company. 

Their in-flight hospitality includes an incredible 4,500 channels of entertainment which you can enjoy while savoring your inclusive meal.

The airline also offers an amenity kit which comprises all recyclable materials including the pouch it comes in. It includes an eye mask, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste and a bookmark. 

If you want to go that extra mile to make the flight even more comfortable Emirates offer the opportunity to have your own private suite on board. 

All Nippon Airways

Tokyo is a long way to travel but if you have ever wanted to visit this amazing city then All Nippon Airways is the airline for you. They have ensured that your flight takes place in as much luxury and comfort as possible. 

There is plenty to keep you occupied. You can watch movies on the seat back LCD touchscreen. For added privacy the airline provides slide forward seats, so you can relax in comfort. 

ANA is certified as a 5 star airline for the quality of its onboard service and staff service. You will be well looked after as a nervous flyer. 

Air France

Paris is a destination for all those who enjoy romance, culture and art. If you are a nervous flyer Air France is a fantastic airline to put you at ease on your long haul flight. 

You’ll have a cocktail or glass of champagne, with your onboard meal. Then you can kick off your shoes, relax and enjoy a movie on your personal screen. Legroom is ample and will ensure you have a comfortable flight, and not feel hemmed in. 

Traveling in this degree of comfort means you’ll feel like you haven’t even left your living room. And before you know it you will be in the heart of Paris. 

Which Airline Is The Safest [Advice For Nervous Flyers]


Qatar is an airline that wants to make your flying experience a pleasant one. To this end they offer a number of benefits aimed to reduce the stress of traveling. 

If you are going onward from Doha the airline offers city tours for those who have a long layover. This means you won’t be sitting in the airport contemplating the next stage of your journey, instead you will be enjoying the sights of this incredible destination. 

Onboard the airline offers top in-flight entertainment, Wi-Fi on many flights, USB ports and an amenity kit. 

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is a 5 star choice for those who are anxious about flying. They have won multiple awards for their products and services. It is number 5 in the top safety rankings. 

To feature in this list it has to demonstrate leadership in passenger comfort and achieve a 7-star rating for safety. This should comfort even the most nervous passengers. 

In economy class you can enjoy a range of entertainment options, USB ports to charge your devices and adjustable footrests. If you want to splash out, their private suites make you feel like you are in a hotel room, and you can forget that you are flying. 

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is one of the safest airlines, so you should feel comfortable and confident on their flights. They offer plenty of in-flight entertainment to keep you occupied. 

There is a USB port built into the seat back TV, so you can charge your phone or tablet. Your onboard meal is a healthy menu of fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Once you are full and relaxed you can recline your seat, adjust your headrest and chill for the rest of your flight. 

Swiss International

With a quarter of all Americans nervous about flying, taking a trip to Switzerland may seem like a brave venture. But with Swiss International you will be in good hands. 

This airline offers in-flight Wi-Fi, so you can use your portable devices to browse the internet. Seat back video screens allow you to watch a movie from your comfortable seat. 

Swiss International also has a 7/7 safety rating and a 6.5/7 product rating. 

Final Thoughts

A successful trip for a nervous flyer involves knowing the services and products that the different airlines offer. We hope this guide has given you some insight that will help.

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