Can You Bring Disposable Vapes On An Airplane?

Vapes are relatively new in comparison to most questions that usually surround whether people are allowed to take cigarettes on a flight.

There is now the question of vapes and e-cigarettes and whether they are safe to have in either your hold luggage or your carry-on luggage. 

Can You Bring Disposable Vapes On An Airplane

This article will be covering the dangers they might pose on a flight and why. It will also cover the new 2022 rules concerning these battery powered electronic devices. 

Disposable Vapes In Carry-On Luggage 

You must make sure that you take your disposable vapes in your carry-on luggage because you are not allowed to pack them in your hold luggage that is checked-in before airport customs. 

To answer the question briefly, you are allowed to take any type of disposable vapes or pens on the flight with you, but you still need to know about the rules and regulations to follow when wanting to take one. 

Do I Have To Take Them Out Of My Bags?

Due to any types of vapes having batteries, you need to make sure you avoid pressing the heating mode when traveling. This is only allowed when you go outside, past customs, into the designated smoking areas. 

They are only allowed in your carry on luggage and not the hold because of the batteries they have. You do not know if it will activate throughout the flight in the hold luggage which can cause it to burn out. 

Is It The Same Rules Everywhere? 

Due to the batteries being a safety issue, this is the rule for most places around the globe. You might still be able to put your juices for the vape or the pods in your checked luggage because they are only liquids. 

However, you should avoid trying to travel with any type of cannabis product. This is because in most areas it is still a controlled substance. This especially applies if you’re traveling internationally. 

You should definitely be checking these types of regulations before you fly because you do not want to waste any items that could be thrown away if they go against the safety regulations. 

ID Issues 

It is advised that most people should keep them in their hand for the most time and you should not try and put it in with your checked in luggage.

If you do attempt this, it can be confiscated and you will not be getting it back no matter your age. 

There is also the issue of the X-rays used to check the hold luggage because if they were to see it on the scanner, it would be opened and confiscated and disposed of.

This can also hold up your luggage getting on the flight and it might be left at departure. It can also mean your luggage being roughed up in the process which we all want to avoid. 

Storing Your Batteries

Your batteries are one of the most hazardous things you find when it comes to using a vape. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have a good battery case to keep them stored in to prevent any issues. 

The disposable vapes tend to be much better for some people because you do not need to charge them or bring extra batteries because it is all built in. when it has run out you just buy another one. 

They can be seen as safer as well because to activate the vape you have to breathe in and there are no buttons necessary on most.

Therefore, there is less chance of them becoming activated when carrying them in your carry-on luggage. 

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Can You Vape On The Plane? 

No, you can definitely not vape on a place because it carries the same rules and regulations as smoking does.

There will be areas that are designated to smokers and vapers in the airport where you are able to go out and vape in.

However, apart from that, you will not be able to vape anywhere else – especially on the plane. 

If you were to start vaping on the plane or not in a designated area, you could be taken out of the airport as a maximum punishment because you will miss your flight and will have to buy a new one or be given a firm warning of that punishment first.

Therefore, it is recommended to never try and get away with this because it can really ruin your day. 


Overall, this is everything you need to know about vapes on planes and you need to remember to follow these rules because the penalty is pretty high for ignoring them.

You definitely do not want to be kicked out of the airport for vaping inside. This will mean losing your ticket and probably quite a lot of money in the process. 

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand the TSA regulations concerning different types of vapes including the disposable ones.

They can be viewed as less dangerous because they cannot be activated unless you breathe it in. 

However, they do still contain a battery which is the main issue. Therefore, never put them into your hold luggage because that can also cause you huge issues getting your luggage onto the flight.

You do not want to get to your holiday and there is no luggage waiting there for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Bring A Disposable Vape Bar On A Plane?

Yes, you are definitely able to bring them with you on your flight and either keep them in your pocket or in your carry-on luggage.

However, you are 100% not allowed anywhere in the world to pack them in your hold luggage.

The reason for this is due to safety to protect the plane and passengers from any potential fires in the luggage area of the plane. 

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