Why Are Seats At The Back Of The Plane Cheaper? [Flying On A Budget]

Looking to fly on a budget? Then your best bet may be the back of the plane.  

Why Are Seats At The Back Of The Plane Cheaper? [Flying On A Budget]

Ever wondered why the seats at the back of the plane always seem to be the cheapest? Well, the short answer to this is supply and demand. 

Essentially, the seats closest to the front of the plane are more expensive because more people want to sit there as opposed to the seats further away. 

There are two reasons for this. 1) They can get off the plane quicker. 2) These seats are generally quieter. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the rear seats are the worst. 

In this article, we will be taking a closer look into why the seats at the back of the plane are cheaper and why this isn’t always a bad thing!

So, Why Are Seats At The Back Of The Plane Cheaper?

As previously mentioned, the main reason why seats nearer to the front of the aircraft are cheaper is because of supply and demand.

More people want the seats closest to the front; thus, making them more expensive to reserve. 

However, you may be wondering: why are these seats so popular?

We have already noted quick exit and quietness when choosing these seats, although more reasons make these seats more desirable. 

For once, some people prefer to be seated closer to a lavatory. Some aircraft don’t have both rear and front lavatories; therefore, the seats closest to these will be more expensive. 

Likewise, another reason why some people prefer being seated nearer the front is that cabin and drink services start at the front of the cabin.

So not only are you more likely to be served quicker but the food/ beverages of your choice are more likely to be available. 

Again, these factors are mainly due to supply and demand. This makes the seats nearer the back cheaper since fewer people want them. 

What Are The Best Seats On A Plane?

Choosing the right seats on a plane can sometimes be a difficult decision; with pros and cons for many of them.

However, have you ever considered the back seats of the plane?

While these may not always be your first choice – and picking these seats could result in a few raised eyebrows! – are the rear seats really that bad?

Sure, you may experience a bumpier ride, your seats may not be able to fully recline, and you may be opposite the plane’s toilet area, but this doesn’t mean these seats don’t have their benefits as well!

Benefits Of Sitting At The Back Of A Plane

Below, we have listed some benefits to the proposed least attractive seats on the airplane, here’s why the back seats should be at the top of your radar:

1. There Is No One Sitting Behind You!

Nothing is worse than traveling a long-haul flight and having someone’s knees digging into the back of your ribs for the whole duration. Does this sound familiar to you?

The seats on a plane aren’t particularly known for their sturdiness or great comfort, so if you’re looking to avoid any annoying passengers, then you may want to think twice about sitting at the back of the plane!

2. There’s A Lower Chance Of Others Sitting By You!

Since the back seats are typically considered the worst seats on the plane, this usually means that they stay empty of passengers. 

On smaller aircraft, it is even likely that these portions of the plane are reserved for the use of cabin crew, who don’t necessarily use them.

Therefore, if you manage to get a full row of seats to yourself, instead of sleeping upright on a slight reclining seat, you can lay down across two or three empty seats all to yourself!

You may just receive the luxury of gaining a proper night’s sleep which is otherwise hard to gain on upright seats. 

Why Are Seats At The Back Of The Plane Cheaper? [Flying On A Budget]

3. Small Children Are Seated Further Away From You!

Generally, spaces specifically for families are designated for bulkhead seats which are usually placed at the partitions that divide the different seating areas of a plane. 

These areas don’t have any seats in front of them, so while you may have received more leg room by opting for them, you would also have to bear the consequences of potential crying babies. 

Since bulkhead seats typically provide more oxygen masks for children, there is a higher chance that you will be neighbors with a small child sitting on their parent’s lap. 

Therefore, if you’re willing to sacrifice your peace and quiet for extra leg room, then, by all means, choose the bulkhead seats. However, from the last row, you won’t be able to hear anything!

4. No Blocking In Between The Drinks Carts!

While sitting opposite the toilets may start to get annoying when people begin lining up to use the bathroom, being trapped between carts when needing the bathroom is much more annoying. 

When serving food and drinks to passengers, the flight attendants have to park their carts in the middle of the aisle, leaving no space to get around.

Therefore, if you’re looking to use the bathroom, you may have to wait a while! 

The wait is only heightened by the sound of coffee pouring – testing your patience and ability to hold your urine!

With the toilets so far away and the attendants taking so long to serve, this can often feel like a lifetime!

However, sitting at the back of the plane means you are never too far away from the toilet. Sit back and relax; while you wait for the line to move for your turn. 

5. The Rear Seats Are Actually The Safest!

While the chances of a plane crash are extremely minimal, this next benefit may help those who suffer from nervousness and anxiety while flying. 

If you need a more compelling reason to sit at the back of the plane, then knowing it is the safest place to sit would help! 

While this may not be openly marketed as the safest place to sit – since everyone will want to sit here – statistics do confirm that during a flight crash, the construction of the tail of the plane makes it the least damaged area. 

Hence, it isn’t unusual to find the flight recorder, otherwise known as a black box, placed at the tail of the plane, since this area is more likely to survive a crash. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re flying on a budget or simply wondering why the rear seats are cheaper than the front, well this article has the answers you need. 

The simple answer to the question of why the back seat is cheaper would be because of supply and demand.

There is a smaller supply of seats closer to the front, making them more expensive.

However, this doesn’t mean that the back seats are necessarily bad. Hopefully, this guide has informed you of everything you need to know about a plane’s rear seating

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